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From Floor Prep to Concrete Repair, We Do It All

General Service Statement: - Viking Gypsum Floors, LLC is proud to offer numerous services and an ever-expanding product line to accommodate your flooring needs.

Gypsum & Cementitious Underlayments

Moisture Mitigation

Excess moisture can create many problems for your building. The cost of constantly replacing floor covering failures can be just the beginning of it. Mod and mildew can grow under flooring which can cause costly health concerns for you, your employees. Viking Gypsum Floors can provide moisture mitigation for levels up to 100% RH and  prevent alkalinity up to 14 pH in concrete subfloor. Moisture-related floor covering failures are responsible for more than $1 billion in damages every year.

Symptoms of moisture issues are:
  •  Adhesive Failure
  •  Cupping
  •  Buckling
  •  Blistering
  •  Discoloration
  •  Mold Growth.

Moisture issues can occur soon after the installation, years after the installation, and can even be caused by the changing of the seasons. Cost of floor failures and the ensuing liability, the effect on indoor air quality and health, and the added costs of downtime for corrective action and floor replacement.

Floor Prep & Floor Leveling

For impeccable flooring results, it is essential to have proper care and preparation. We correct uneven, grooved, and impaired floors, leaving a flat, clean and level surface. Our floor prep services include coatings removal, over-pours, and floor leveling.

Sound Control

Gypsum and cementitious underlayments provide improved sound performance and control. Concrete Polishing: Concrete Polishing is a process of grinding the surface to create a fresh, smooth, low-maintenance floor. Concrete Polishing generates a non-porous, non-slip, and environmentally conscious option for your floors. The polishing technique enhances the color of the surface while also intensifying light reflection.

Interior & Exterior Concrete Repair

Proper concrete repair is essential for the longevity of any space. We prepare the concrete with the elimination of surface contaminants, allowing for the repair material to have direct contact with the concrete, increasing adhesion, performance, and longevity.

Polishable Overlayments

Pouring over existing concrete slabs, polishable overlayments allow commercial or residential space to refresh their floors without tearing them up. Polishable overlayment is used when a high-quality and fast floor topping is required. Products are cement-based, used as a resurfacer and underlayment, both indoors and outdoors. Our product has high early strength and will not deteriorate in damp conditions; after application, the surface is ready for coatings in twelve hours.

Viking Gypsum Floors